• PremiumContact 7 summer tire victorious in tests carried out by automobile associations and magazines; 15 of 16 publications ranked it top
  • SportContact 7 high-tech tire wins “AutoBild sportscars” test with the rating “exemplary”
  • AllSeasonContact 2 all-season tire takes first place in a field of seven tire models

Ain Alalam – Rashad Iskandrni

Automobile associations such as the German ADAC and ACE, and motoring magazines including “AutoBild”, “AutoBild Reisemobil”, “Autozeitung”, “auto motor und sport” and “sportauto” were all on the same page: The PremiumContact 7 from Continental is a winner, coming out on top in their tests and rankings. And the summer tire produced by the development experts in Hanover also led the way for car magazines in Great Britain, Scandinavia, and Poland. Ratings were spread between “exemplary”, “highly recommended” and “outstanding”, with 15 of 16 publications naming the PremiumContact 7 in first place. Its impressive strengths in terms of safety played a particularly prominent role in achieving these top placings; the PremiumContact 7 posted significantly shorter braking distances than its competitors on wet and dry asphalt. And the ADAC also rated it highly in terms of environmental impact, thanks to its strong mileage capability.

The SportContact 7 high-tech tire also put in a very strong showing in tests. “AutoBild sportscars” (issue 4/24) ranked it top with its highest distinction “exemplary”. It confidently negotiated the comparison tests on an AMG test car, prompting the magazine to describe it as “a compelling supersports tire that displayed barely any weaknesses” and to praise its “dynamic handling in the wet and dry, excellent balance, short braking distances and good aquaplaning reserves”. In tests from 100 km/h (62 mph) on wet asphalt, the Continental tire recorded a braking distance of 49.2 meters – a full 19.1 meters better than the last-placed tire (an Asian budget model).

The AllSeasonContact 2 all-season tire also performed very successfully in testing, excelling with its wet and dry handling, snow traction and low rolling resistance under the watchful eye of the “Tyre Reviews” reporters in England. Tester Jonathan Benson called it “an outstanding product from Continental.”

The summer, all-season and winter tires from Continental are suitable for vehicles with all types of powertrain.