Pepsi Unveils “Party with Pepsi” a closing show for the Roshn Saudi League


Pepsi Becomes First Ever Brand to Take Center Stage at a Major Football Event in Saudi Arabia

Mystery DJs from MDLBEAST to perform at the closing ceremony.

Ain Alalam – Rashad Iskandrni

23 May 2024 – Pepsi proudly presents the “Party With Pepsi” show on 24th May at Kingdom Arena starting 7 PM, a groundbreaking event marking the first time a brand has taken center stage at the closing ceremony finale of a major football closing ceremony in Saudi Arabia. This unprecedented spectacle of light, sound, and celebration, in partnership with the Roshn Saudi League, not only showcases Pepsi’s bold new identity but also cements its position as a cultural vanguard, resonating with multiple generations through an electrifying musical This landmark event takes place at the heart of Saudi cultural life, intertwining the excitement of football with the universal language of music, creating a platform where athletic passions and musical creativity collide. Through this event, Pepsi embodies a relentless quest for innovation and engagement, offering audiences not just a show but an experience that leaves them craving more. The motto “Thirsty for More” drives the event’s narrative, from the suspenseful reveal of mystery DJs blending iconic musical eras to a special closing ceremony, the event promises continued innovation and excitement.

Pepsi has long stood as the sound of every generation, and “Thirsty for More” is more than just a brand slogan; it is a declaration of Pepsi’s commitment to pushing boundaries and pursuing excellence. By featuring a diverse lineup of DJs who bridge the gap between generations, Pepsi demonstrates its unique ability to resonate with audiences both old and new. The show’s musical journey, meticulously curated by MDLBEAST, transitions from classic hits to contemporary anthems, illustrating Pepsi’s evolution while staying true to its roots.

Speaking about the campaign, Karim El Fiqi, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at PepsiCo AMESA, said, “Recently, we launched Pepsi’s  new identity and promised to keep delivering immersive and engaging experiences for our consumers. As part of the same, Pepsi will be the first brand to partner to create a never seen like before show at Roshn Saudi League. This event is a strategic move to solidify Pepsi’s standing as the premier brand that evolves with and supports the dynamic culture in Saudi Arabia. By aligning with the country’s burgeoning entertainment industry and rapidly expanding sports sector, Pepsi not only taps into the national zeitgeist but also sets the stage for future cultural engagements. This event is part of a broader strategy to embed the brand deeply into the cultural fabric of the markets it serves, making Pepsi synonymous with youthful energy and innovative experiences.”


Speaking about the collaboration, Ramadan Alharatani, Chief Executive Officer at MDLBEAST, stated, “This collaboration represents a powerful fusion of sports and music, igniting the passion of football enthusiasts through the universal language of music. With our meticulous curation of the musical journey, we aim to create an electrifying experience that resonates with multiple generations. Together with Pepsi, we are pushing boundaries, delivering innovation, and offering audiences an unforgettable experience that leaves them thirsty for more.”

Pepsi remains dedicated to supporting the growth and popularity of football in Saudi Arabia. Pepsi will not only deliver a spectacular closing ceremonyt but will also set a new standard for brand involvement in cultural events. This show will be a testament to Pepsi’s vision of staying at the forefront of cultural trends, delivering unmatched experiences that resonate across generations, and continuously inspiring audiences to remain thirsty for more.

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