Ain Alalam

Panda Retail Company, the leading retail brand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and one of the subsidiaries of the Savola Group, announced the relaunch of its branch in the Al-Izdihar district of Riyadh after the completion of extensive renovations in line with its mandate for customer and community service.

Panda has taken the initiative to change the design of various sections and the addition of new ones to allow customers to enjoy an integrated shopping experience. It has also launched a stand-alone cafe inside the branch that serves healthy food and drinks such as fresh juices, salads, sandwiches and more, as well as gives customers a place to rest while they shop. Panda has also created a section specialized in organic products to provide a variety of high-quality items that help promote a balanced healthy life. Other new additions include a section dedicated to selling fresh fish and seafood, and a section for a range of carefully selected honey products.

These new changes aim to distinguish Panda’s endeavors and its commitment to ensuring the highest levels of quality in parallel with a seamless experience, as well as achieving integration between design, aesthetics, and products to meet the desires of customers.

The new branch gives customers the option to shop inside the supermarket, or to have their groceries delivered to their homes via the online shopping service as a convenient alternative method. By downloading the “Panda Click” application, which offers many new services such as “Click and Collect” customers can order and receive groceries from various branches. This consequently saves the customers’ time and effort, while ensuring the quality of their purchases and their shopping experience in Panda.

Panda’s new changes are designed to meet the needs of a wide sector of society and seek to include service options for all segments of the local community. Efforts are focused on enabling all Panda markets to serve customers with ease of entry and exit, such as the availability of paying through self-service, and the ability to serve people with special needs.

Panda Retail Company employs approximately 17,000 employees in 200 branches across the Kingdom.