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Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport, the address of luxury and beauty

If you are looking for luxury and complete tranquility, your best choice is the Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport, a place that captivates you with the beauty of its unique architectural designs, generous hospitality and a cheerful reception from the main gate until you settle on a comfortable bed in one of the rooms, suites or villas with a rich design with distinctive details in all of its corners down to its balconies which fill your eyes with the beauty and elegance of the place, and the multiplicity of its buildings and hall from which the sophistication and modernity of the building emerges.

At the Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport, everyone is racing to welcome you in the corridors of the hotel starting from the lobby where you will get buggy transport to your room and preceded by the main gate employee. when you arrive at the hotel your eyes will catch on the grandeur of the reception building, which is decorated with the friendly faces of the employees harmonizes with the bright colors of the place.

Arabian Hospitality is the most prominent address of this resort which includes 471 stylish and contemporary rooms and 12 villas in addition to the royal suites all of which are embroidered with comfort,

tranquility and memorable stay. The rooms have convenient spaces as the smallest room is 62m2.

The location of the resort allows you to reach Al Riyadh front area within 10 minutes, as well as to the economic gate within 5 minutes, which reflects the excellent location of the resort in all its directions.

Moreover, the resort features rooms with unique and quiet furniture, which have been carefully selected to give the guest complete comfort and relaxation. The corridors are characterized by captivating designs with meticulously designed and amazing paintings, as well as the seating area overlooking the swimming pools in a way that makes you enjoy every moment of your stay in this sparkling resort

There are many restaurants in the resort that compete with each other to provide the best meals from the eastern and western cuisines.

Definitely one visit will makes you rediscover the place more than once, and with each visit you become established that Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport is your first destination in Al Riyadh region.