Anghami users in Saudi Arabia are in for an exclusive, customized day of musical treats and surprises this national day

Ain Alalam – Rashad Iskandrni
September 22, 2022: To mark the 92nd Saudi National Day, Anghami Inc. (“Anghami”) (NASDAQ: ANGH), the leading music and entertainment streaming platform in the Middle East and Africa (MENA) region, is marking the day with a customized user experience including an exclusive homepage, tracks from top Saudi artists and a one-off Saudi National Day Live Radio channel.

Anghami is supporting the growth of the Kingdom’s rapidly expanding music sector by providing its 70+ million users with meaningful experiences and innovative features while demonstrating its commitment to the local community.

On National Day, Anghami users in the Kingdom will see a special app icon to mark the occasion. All they have to do is tap on it, and they will see a special national day celebratory message, along with national day songs carousel and patriotic playlists. There will also be special Saudi National Day offers, and a focus on top homegrown artists and music from the Kingdom, fitting the celebrations slogan of “Hia Lana Dar – This is Our Home”.

The bespoke Saudi National Day Live Radio will see a 6-hour long live radio broadcast, set to begin after Jumaa prayers. The dedicated broadcast will play host to top Saudi artists and music influencers, playing a variety of popular Saudi Arabian music available on the platform.

Eddy Maroun, Co-founder and CEO of Anghami commented: “We are honoured to be helping so many Saudi Arabian citizens enjoy their culture through music. Saudi Arabian artists are becoming more renowned on the global stage, but National Day is a day when we really want to ensure our local users really embrace homegrown artistry and talent, from the likes of Tariq Abdulhakeem and Mohammed Abdu to MiKannibalz, EON and TamTam. We hope our users will enjoy Anghami’s exclusive National Day offering, competitions, and surprises.”

Soon, the region’s most trusted music and entertainment streaming platform will release a report describing trends in music across the Kingdom, underlining the growing interest in entertainment, music, and culture.

Anghami continues its dedication to providing customer-centric experiences to users, driven by technology, to bolster its progress towards being a music and entertainment streaming platform that caters to a diversity of cultures.

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