Shining a Light on the Unsung Heroes HONOR Proclaims it’s an “HONOR to be with you”

Ain Alalam – Rashad Iskandrni


November 24, 2022: As the world comes together to celebrate one of the biggest events in sports, HONOR shines a light on the heroes who are found off the field. Whilst attention is turned to the players, teams, and nations striving for victory, with the launch of its latest campaign, HONOR wishes to commemorate all the fans and players who make it all possible.

For millions of fans across the globe, football is so much more than just a game. It is a passion passed down from generation to generation, something to pin all your hopes and dreams on, a place to share extreme highs and devastating lows, a community, a sense of belonging.

HONOR believes that this emotional connection and mutual admiration which unites fans and players, is at its essence the true spirit of football. The real glory is not found in the heroism of one player, team or even nation but in the dedication and devotion shown by long-standing supporters. During this football event, HONOR invites those fans to tell the players they’ve loved for decades: it’s an “HONOR to be with you”.


HONOR is kicking off the #HONORtobewithyou campaign with this teaser clip which captures the power of the emotions experienced when we come together to express the love we have for our teammates, the respect for our opponents, and the shared admiration between players and fans. Whatever the journey’s outcome, it has certainly been an HONOR to be with you.

Fans can enter for the chance to win the 2022 national team jersey of their most beloved player by uploading a photo of that player’s jersey along with a message of dedication to their Instagram feed, using the hashtag #HONORtobewithyou and tagging the nominated player along with three of their friends. Or follow & retweet @honorglobla | @honorksa’s campaign tweet by tagging the nominated played along with three of their friends. The jersey can either be a real shirt, or entrants can get creative by fashioning a replica out of something else, such as upcycling old bed sheets, painting it onto their bodies, or any other creative way.

To top it off, from those jersey winners a select few will win the chance to meet and greet their hero in person. The biggest fans of legendary players will have the opportunity to tell them face-to-face, what a privilege it has been to support them throughout the years.

For more information on the campaign, please visit: or through our social media accounts: @honorglobla | @honorksa.


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