The high-end brand EXEED focuses on Saudi Arabia to create a new luxury travel experience

Ain Alalam – Rashad Iskandrni

As a new entrant to the world’s high-end auto brands, the high-end brand EXEED has won the recognition of more and more users since it entered the Saudi market in April 2022. The prosperous Saudi market has also become an important site for EXEED to promote the “Great Middle East” strategy. In order to give back to local users and show its importance to this market, EXEED will hold a grand brand launch event at this month and launch new generation product for Saudi Arabia.

EXEED is a luxury brand for the global high-end market based on first-class design and leading technology, which is led by an international team in R&D, design and marketing. Adhering to the ultimate pursuit of quality, EXEED established a European R&D center in Munich, Germany, and attracted hundreds of designers and engineers with European first-class standards and rich experience from BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, etc. At the same time, EXEED has also reached cooperation with American Quantum Corporation and top European and American suppliers, and has accumulated rich technology platform development and expansion capabilities. On the basis of absorbing the century-old accumulation of the European automobile industry, it continues to explore automobile design with the concept of “Born For More” Boundary with the limits of manufacturing.

With the grand brand launch event and the launch of new products in new markets such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait, EXEED’s “Great Middle East” strategy will enter a stage of rapid development, and the “regional linkage” method will allow EXEED’s light to continue in the Middle East. flashing.
In the future, under the guidance of the “Great Middle East” strategy, EXEED will successively land in more countries, and gradually form a matrix luxury brand effect in the Middle East, so that users can enjoy the ultimate product experience and high-end services no matter where they are in the Middle East , so that more users have the opportunity to appreciate the charm of the high-end brand EXEED.