Aljabr Trading Company the Official Dealer for DFSK Vehicles in the Saudi market

Ain Alalam – Rashad Iskandrni


Aljabr Trading Company has officially become the dealers of DFSK vehicles, one of the most leading brands in the automotive industry in China. However, DFSK has achieved a remarkable presence and success in European, Latin American, Asian, and Middle Eastern markets.

DFSK has more than two decades of experience in the automotive industry after it has been launched in 2000 and introduced its first production in 2005 through the manufacture of the first minivan named C-Series. DFSK offers a variety of microvans, flatbed commercial trucks, passenger cars under the DFSK brand and SUVs under Glory brand.

Aljabr Trading Company, on the other hand, has extensive experience in the automobile sector in the Saudi market, dating back to 1959. Today, it manages three dealerships for major brands, including Kia, Lynk & Co, and JMC. The company also has an integrated network of sales and after-sales service centers distributed across cities and regions of the Kingdom.

The city of Dammam on the eastern coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosted the official signing ceremony between the two sides, in the presence of a delegation from DFSK that included the company’s General Manager of International Marketing, Mr. Joe Chuo, and the Director of Sales Department, Mr. Gates Long. However, Aljabr Trading Company was represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Maher Aljabr, and Vice Presidents, Mr. Abdullah Aljabr and Mr. Abdulsalam Aljabr.

On this occasion, Mr. Abdulsalam Aljabr said: “In our company, we have conducted comprehensive researches that taken into account the needs of the local market and the unique characteristics of internationally recognized automotive brands. Based on numerous positive indicators and data, a series of extensive meetings and negotiations were held with the representatives of DFSK to discuss and explore all aspects related to the Saudi market and its requirements. This is to ensure that what we offer finds the trust and acceptance of our consumers.”

Mr. Aljabr adds that we emphasized the company’s significant capabilities, particularly in infrastructure and logistics, necessary for providing the best services to consumers, especially in after-sales services. This has been recognized through the company receiving the Consumer Protection Excellence Award from the Saudi Consumer Protection Association, acknowledging their tremendous efforts in satisfying their consumers. All of these factors will contribute to the success of launching DFSK brand in the Saudi market.

On his part, Mr. Joe Cho, the General Manager of International Marketing for the company, expressed his confidence that DFSK vehicles will win the admiration of customers in the Saudi market and achieve extensive popularity, following the great successes it has achieved in global markets and the Middle East region. He praised the capabilities of Aljabr Trading Company in providing the best service to customers, which will be a key factor in the success of DFSK brand in the Kingdom.