SADAFCO Releases its Second Sustainability Report “Reinforcing Sustainability”

The company’s 2023 sustainability report highlights SADAFCO’s continuous commitment to its people, the communities it operates within, the environment, and its shareholders

Ain Alalam – Rashad Iskandrni
19th September 2023: SADAFCO announces releasing its second sustainability report disclosing the company’s sustainability performance for the period starting 1st April 2022 and ending 8th of August 2023. The report addresses the stakeholder engagement process, the governance, the community development initiatives, the products and services, and the efforts made toward a future that is climate friendly. It also includes an objective, and transparent evaluation of significant environmental, social, and governance (ESG) related concerns.
Patrick Stillhart, CEO, SADAFCO expressed his satisfaction towards the report: “I am pleased to share the remarkable progress we have made in our journey towards sustainable and responsible business practices at SADAFCO. Our unwavering focus remains on realigning our strategies, placing people at the center of our business transformation, and striving to create long-term value for all. We believe that we are on the right path to sustainable value creation”.
In its report, the organization also provided data of material issue alignment with the National Transformation Program (NTP), a key component of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). The approach to reporting on stakeholder engagement, materiality assessment, and report content preparation has been governed by the GRI principles of accuracy, balance, clarity, comparability, completeness, and verifiability.
“Our efforts to reduce pollutants in our effluent have yielded positive results, with a significant reduction in COD levels. Furthermore, our focus on packaging waste collection and recycling has contributed to a 30% increase in the recycling rate at SADAFCO. We remain committed to maintaining this momentum through innovative measures, technologies, and partnerships” Stillhart added.
SADAFCO is happy to be an early mover in the Kingdom in terms of renewable energy and working for a better future. The organization is currently studying the potential of introducing solar power generation at nine additional locations by 2024 with a global energy player. Our focus extends to environmentally friendly our fleet operations, which actively engage in renewable energy and employ energy-efficient practices, paving the road for a carbon-free future.
Key highlights of the report include:
Governance SADAFCO prioritizes ethics, integrity, corporate governance, and data privacy to maintain high standards and protect stakeholders. They implement controls to manage risks and ensure compliance with environmental, regulatory, and labor norms.
Consumer focuses on product quality, safety, health & nutrition, consumer delight, product innovation, and compliance with national food safety and labeling standards. They aim to enhance consumer well-being, provide a delightful experience, and drive product development initiatives. SADAFCO ensures fair and ethical marketing communications to help customers make informed choices.
Environment & Climate The company is committed to reducing GHG emissions, water management, waste management, and sustainable sourcing and packaging practices to minimize environmental impacts. They prioritize energy efficiency, GHG emissions reduction, water conservation, waste management, and supply chain management to minimize costs, reduce margins, and promote sustainable practices.
People & Community In SADAFCO we prioritizes employee health, happiness, and community impact through policies, initiatives, and fair practices. They prioritize diversity and inclusion, fostering a diverse workforce and ensuring local procurement for supply, stability, and community relations.
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