A Media Partnership between Technology Giant “Huawei Technologies” and Spica Media Intelligence

Ain Alalam – Rashad Iskandrni


In order to display its product in the broadcasting quality control on sidelines of the World

On Tuesday, at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, as part of the opening activities of the World Media Congress, that is organized by ADNEC Group in partnership with the Emirates News Agency from 14-16 November, a media partnership was announced between “Spica Media Intelligence”

and the global giant; “Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.”

This partnership aims at media cooperation in the important regional event, as Huawei will display advanced technology in the field of television broadcasting quality monitoring that was developed by “Spica Media Intelligence”, the leading company in the field of media monitoring technologies, and present it through an innovative system called “Broadcast quality control system.”

Mr. Bahaa Qasim, CEO of Spica, commented that this step is considered a great achievement for the capability of regional companies to develop advanced technologies attracted by one of the largest international companies such as the technology giant “Huawei.”

Mr. Iyad Adwan, Director of Research and Development Department at Spica, while speaking about this partnership, said that this system was developed for media sector, regulators and concerned parties to streamline the process of monitoring and recording the signal strength and broadcast quality of television channels around the clock, whether they are transmitted via satellite or OTT platforms. The processes of monitoring and recording of signal strength and broadcast quality in real time allow system administrators to react immediately and quickly when a broadcast is interrupted.

It is noteworthy that the system constantly records periods of broadcast and interruptions, and sends automatic alert messages when any interruption occurs in any one of the channels. For this reason, this system is considered as a vital and effective tool at the level of media institutions in terms of helping to enhance the quality of their services, and at the official level in terms of enabling official agencies to monitor the media with ease, professionalism and high accuracy and achieve their regulatory and supervisory objectives for their media sector.

Additionally, the system has unique privileges. It provides a large database that facilitates the obtainment of diverse, comprehensive, and informative reports, which contributes to making right decisions according to the variables in the world of television broadcasting and OTT platforms such as Netflix, Shahid, and others. Among the outstanding privileges of the new system is that it depends on devices secured against weather conditions, ensuring service continuity without being affected by prevailing weather conditions.

“Spica” Company, during the Gulf International Information Technology Exhibition – GITEX, has recently announced another innovative service in the field of comprehensive media monitoring under the name “MediaInsight360”, which is the service that is displayed on its platform in the World Media Congress. Media professionals and the public can view it on the platform designated for it at the exhibition that is accompanying the summit.