HONOR Magic V2 Review: The King of Foldables HONOR bets that foldables are the future with its thinnest and lightest foldable

Ain Alalam – Rashad Iskandrni

HONOR, one of the leading manufacturers to come up with a foldable phone a few years ago with the very first HONOR Magic V, is back at it again with another exceptional foldable phone HONOR Magic V2.

HONOR Magic V2 is a phone that solidifies HONOR as one of the big names on the foldable phone scene right now, right next to Samsung and Huawei. HONOR’s newest foldable phone is an impressively thin and light book-style foldable phone.

When it comes to display, the HONOR Magic V2 has a 6.43-inch cover screen that unfolds to make way for a 7.92-inch inner screen. Despite the presence of two screens, HONOR Magic V2 weighs only 231g and measures 9.9mm in thickness when folded, making it the thinnest and lightest foldable now in the market. In the folded state, many will not even notice that it is actually foldable. Of course, until you unfold it.

In the HONOR Magic V2, HONOR has introduced a first-of-its-kind Super-light Titanium Hinge, providing superior strength, lightness, durability. Based on HONOR’s tests, this hinge can withstand 400,000 folds and now, you can freely use it without the worries that used to come with foldable devices.

This cutting-edge material allows for a slimmer and more durable hinge while maintaining impressive load-bearing capacity.

This device not only boasts a slim design but also packs a powerful punch with its 5,000 mAh battery supported by the lightning-fast 66W HONOR SuperCharge. This combination ensures an extended battery life, and the quick charging feature means you won’t be left waiting for too long. For example, the device boasts a battery life of 14 hours while streaming videos and 23.9 hours during reading sessions.

The screen aspect is one of the biggest highlights of HONOR Magic V2. It comes with a 6.43-inch external screen and a 7.92-inch OLED internal screen, which provides a great visual experience whether you’re watching a movie, playing a game or just using it on a daily basis.

What really caught my attention are the thoughtful eye care features like 3840Hz PWM dimming, Circadian Night Display, and Dynamic Dimming, ensuring my eyes stay comfortable during extended usage.

Having tested the HONOR Magic V2, I must commend its standout Multi-window feature. This fantastic capability allows me to effortlessly manage multiple applications simultaneously, whether it’s gaming, streaming, work, or social media. It ensures smooth parallel operation of multiple tasks, making it a valuable asset for those who need seamless multitasking without any disruptions. This phone truly excels in providing an adaptable and efficient user experience.

HONOR cares about users’ privacy, and the HONOR Magic V2 has two stunning features to prove it. The first one is called Parallel Space, and it’s a game-changer. It lets you have two accounts for the same app – perfect for keeping your work and personal stuff separate. It’s a really cool way to make sure your privacy is in check.

Now, let’s talk about the second awesome feature – the AI Privacy Call. We’ve all been there, right? You’re in a quiet spot, and you’re worried people around you might hear your call. Well, HONOR’s AI Privacy Call is a game-changer for that annoying sound-leaking issue many of us face with our smartphones. This feature adjusts the call volume based on your surroundings. It’s like having a smart buddy that ensures your phone calls stay private, no matter where you are.

On the other note, this foldable delivers a gaming experience that’s not only lag-free but also incredibly immersive. All credit goes to its powerhouse Qualcomm® Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 mobile platform, making gaming on this device an exhilarating and accelerated adventure. It’s not just good; it’s exceptional!

Price and Availability

The HONOR Magic V2 will be available in a range of elegant colors: Black, Purple, and a special version in Black with a vegan leather back.

HONOR Magic V2 is available now for purchase in the Saudi market via HiHonor, Jarir Bookstore, eXtra, STC, HONOR Experience Store at a price of SAR 6899. Upon purchase, consumers will get free gifts worth SAR 3258, including HONOR Watch GS3 and HONOR VIP Care + includes 6 Months Screen Protection, Free Screen Protector Application (2 times), and 180 Days Malfunction Replacement.