Ain Alalam – Rashad Iskandrni

12 February 2024: Cairo Dreamin, the first-ever Salesforce Community-led Dreamin event in Egypt, concluded successfully last week at the historic Marriott Mina House, with the breathtaking Pyramids serving as a remarkable backdrop. The event brought together Salesforce enthusiasts from Egypt and beyond for three days of learning, networking, and inspiration.
With 40 speakers hailing from 12 countries, Cairo Dreamin showcased a diverse range of expertise and perspectives within the Salesforce ecosystem. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in 34 sessions covering a wide array of topics relevant to Salesforce professionals, from technical deep dives to best practices in community engagement.
“We are thrilled to have hosted the inaugural Cairo Dreamin event,” said Farah Sherif, one of the event organizers. “It’s incredible to see the passion and dedication of the Salesforce community in Egypt and the broader region. Cairo Dreamin provided a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and empowerment.”
Highlights of the event included a speaker dinner, where presenters had the chance to connect and unwind before the conference, and a speaker tour featuring visits to iconic landmarks such as the Civilization Museum, the Pyramids, and the Papyrus Museum.
Keynote speakers at Cairo Dreamin included Ahmed Keshk, Susannah Kate Plaisted, and Guilda Hilaire, who delivered inspiring talks on the future of technology, innovation, and community building.
Cairo Dreamin would not have been possible without the generous support of its sponsors, including Agile Cloud Consulting, Momentum, Cloud Capita, and Cloudzlab. Their contributions helped make the event a resounding success.
“We extend our sincere gratitude to our sponsors, speakers, attendees, and everyone who played a part in making Cairo Dreamin a reality,” added Sharif Shaalan. “We look forward to building on this momentum and continuing to foster a vibrant Salesforce community in Egypt.”
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