FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE **Ocean Aero, INTRA Defense Technologies, and Middle East Maritime Repair Forge Strategic Partnership to Propel Maritime Technology Advancements in Saudi Arabia

Ain Alalam – Rashad Iskandrni

Ocean Aero, INTRA Defense Technologies, and Middle East Maritime Repair (MEMR) are proud to announce a formal partnership and the signing of a teaming agreement that positions the three companies as key contributors to the advancement of unmanned systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This strategic alliance will introduce and implement disruptive maritime technology to the region through Ocean Aero’s Triton AUSV—the world’s first and only autonomous underwater and surface vehicle—which has a vast and promising set of applications in the Kingdom.

Aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiative, this partnership promotes the localization of cutting-edge engineering, job creation, and technology transfer. Vision 2030 envisions a thriving and diversified economy—this alliance actively ensures maritime drone technology is part of the transformation while demonstrating the region’s technological prowess and contributing to sustainable economic growth.

Ocean Aero’s Triton provides a tangible and dynamic hardware-software solution to many maritime concerns applicable to the region, including those related to defense, offshore oil and gas, and the environment. Defense-driven capabilities of the vehicle include maritime domain awareness, sonar mapping, towing and launching loitering munitions, conducting ISR, security monitoring, mine countermeasures, and anti-submarine warfare. The vehicle also has promising applications for the Saudi Arabian oil and gas industry, enabling persistent monitoring, construction support, and the integration of sustainable practices through sonar and survey. Further environmental applications include reef monitoring, water chemistry testing, illegal fishing interdiction, and more. With the support of INTRA Defense Technologies and MEMR, Ocean Aero will fortify Triton fleets with ongoing component development, routine maintenance, and continued industrialization in the region.

“With Intra and MEMR’s expertise, we are well positioned to drive forward our unique autonomous maritime technology in the Kingdom in service of organizations like RSNF, ARAMCO, NEOM, and others. We now have the basis to grow a local industry tailored to the needs of Saudi Arabia.”

— Kevin Decker, CEO of Ocean Aero

“This advanced technology aims to enhance the Saudi Arabian maritime industry and contribute substantially to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals. Our collaboration marks a combined commitment to advancing state-of-the-art solutions that align seamlessly with supporting security, regional defense, and environmental sustainability programs.”

— Dr. Dr.Hamad Alfouzan, CEO of INTRA Defense Technologies

The joint announcement coincides with the unified attendance of all parties at the prestigious World Defense Show, held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, underscoring the global significance of this collaboration.