Introducing the New LG Smart AC with Groundbreaking Dual Vane technology, AI Pre-cool, and Power Mode

 Ain Alalam – Rashad Iskandrni


July 10, 2024 – Global technology and electronics brand, LG Electronics proudly announces the launch of its latest air conditioning unit. This state-of-the-art product effortlessly integrates innovative technologies designed to enhance comfort, increase energy efficiency, and transform the home environment.

Representing a significant leap in home cooling solutions, The new LG air conditioning unit ND182C0 addresses the evolving needs and preferences of today’s discerning consumers, making it an unparalleled offering in the market.

Cooling Smarter, Living Better: Life’s Good

  • Dual Vane Technology: Offers improved airflow control by 23% compared with the previous version and uniform cooling throughout the room, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • AI Pre-cool: Learns user preferences and usage patterns and automatically activates when the user is within a 2km range from home to provide immediate relief from the outdoor heat in a convenient and timely manner.
  • Power Mode: Delivers rapid cooling and substantial energy savings, making this unit the ideal choice for both immediate comfort and long-term energy efficiency.

Exemplifying the brand’s ongoing commitment to innovation in the home appliance sector, this latest air conditioning unit from LG not only meets but exceeds consumer expectations in terms of comfort, efficiency, and world class smart technology.

The new unit is now available for purchase in LG showrooms/authorized dealers around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For more information, visit the LG website,